As we are approaching the summer months people are becoming more active. The GAA championship season for many clubs is about to or has commenced. Like every other year I notice an increase in the number of hamstring related injuries coming through the clinic doors. Prevalence of hamstring injuries Hamstring injuries are common in  sports

MRI & X-Rays – Over Reliance

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Over –reliance on Imaging. MRIs and Xrays Often I see patients who have had back, knee or shoulder pain  for a period of time usually they have seen their doctor who may have offered them  pain relief and often if the pain is not resolving they are then sent for a scan  such as an

Back Pain – Releasing Tension & Pain

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We treat all types back pain – muscle, disc and joint-related back pain. Disc pain Joint pain Muscle spasm ‘Sciatica’ Arthritis Degenerative Disc Disease Back pain in pregnancy Back pain in teenagers and young adults Physiotherapists are recognised as experts in the diagnosis, treatment and management of back pain.  At Village Physiotherapy Clinic the combination


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Stretching and Muscle Soreness Some research suggests that stretching doesn’t prevent muscle soreness after exercise. Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 10 studies on stretching either before or after exercise. They found that stretching before exercise doesn’t prevent post-exercise muscle soreness. They also found there was little evidence to

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Is Lateral Elbow Pain always Tennis Elbow ? Recently I have noticed that a number of patients are presenting to the clinic reporting lateral elbow pain which they have self-diagnosed as Tennis Elbow. Often this diagnosis is made in hast and often with the assistance of the internet. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylalgia is defined


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Headaches – A real pain in the neck ! Many of us experience headaches at one time or another in our lives.   Sometimes they wake us from our sleep. Sometimes we get them for no apparent reason. A cervicogenic headache is another name for a headache originating from the neck. There are many types of

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Running Injury Prevention

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INJURY PREVENTION FOR RUNNERS From the elite athlete to the weekend warrior running injuries are very common especially given the recent explosion in popularity of 5 km and 10 km runs which occur weekly throughout the country. These injuries can be classified into two main categories, traumatic and overuse. Traumatic injuries as the name suggests

What is a Frozen Shoulder ?

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  What is a Frozen Shoulder ? Otherwise known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder can be a stubborn problem to deal with.   What is Frozen Shoulder Often for no obvious reason, but sometimes following surgery or a period of no movement, the capsule surrounding the ball and socket joint of your shoulder becomes inflamed,

Nearly all of us are affected by back pain at some point in our lives. Although this can be a great source of anxiety and fear at the time, it is rarely serious. The majority of low back pain settles quickly. The following advice is aimed at helping you return to your normal activities as

Do your knees crack ?

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Patients often describe how their joints especially their knees make a cracking or grinding noise often when they squat or kneel. Understandably they are often concerned and anxious by this. They often ask what does this mean? In most cases, there is nothing to be concerned about. Joints can make all kinds of noises, from