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Sports Massage Limerick

Village Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic specialise in sports massage. Our fully qualified therapists can help with a range of  issues; from lower back and neck pain, shoulder tightness to hamstring or calf injury. 

Village Physiotherapy

Sports Massage Specialist

 Our fully qualified therapists can help with a range of  issues; from lower back and neck pain, shoulder tightness to hamstring or calf injury. For the most effective treatment in sports massage from a fully qualified professional, Village Physiotherapy Clinic is the place to go.

Village Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is situated in Adare, County Limerick. Highly qualified and experienced, our friendly sports physiotherapists care about your health and wellbeing. Instead of merely treating the symptoms of your problem, we aim to find the root cause of pain.

Clinic Owner, Niall Hally, is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. The ISCP ensures not only a level of excellence in its joining members but also continued excellence and development.

How Sports Massage Works

Sports massage has long been acknowledged as an effective means of helping prepare an athlete for competition, as a way to enhance athletic performance and as a treatment approach to help an athlete recover after exercise or competition. It is also acknowledged as a manual therapy intervention for sports-related musculoskeletal injuries.

As a result of strenuous physical activity, muscle tension can  build up in the body as a result of over-extension or overuse which as a result can lead to  pain or tightness and decreased athletic performance. Sports massage helps alleviate pain and prevent injuries that can affect your mobility, flexibility, strength and overall performance in training.

Sports Massage Tackles Pain

Sports massage is also ideal to combat tension and pain caused by busy modern lifestyles, such as prolonged sitting due to long periods of driving or while sitting at a desk/office job. Deep tissue massages can relieve the tension and stiffness in muscles, which can in turn relieve tension, soreness or pain in the surrounding tissues. 

An example of this is in the case of the sciatic nerve. Irritation to the nerve can cause a good deal of pain. As a result of this tension, tightness or muscle spasm can occur in your lower back and hip muscles. By relieving the tension in those muscles, the stiffness/tightness can ease, releasing the irritation on the sciatic nerve.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Neck pain is perhaps one of the most common and frustrating complaints most people will experience at some stage in their life. Shoulder and neck pain can develop for a number of reasons. It can be due to prolonged period of sitting at a desk/driving, it can be as a direct result of stress or other times it can be of insidious onset. Neck pain as result of injury, such as that which may occur during a whiplash injury can often result in shoulder and neck pain. Sports or deep tissue massage helps by easing the tension in the upper back and neck area.


Back Pain

The majority of people at some point in time will suffer either acute or chronic back pain. The stats show that 80% of people who experience back pain are likely to experience a second episode within 12 months. At Village Physiotherapy Clinic, we have the experience and knowledge to complete a comprehensive treatment program to help you return to work and sport in the shortest possible time, and to minimise your chance of recurrence. Back pain can take on many forms and be caused by a number of different factors. 

It may have developed due to poor posture, trying to lift something that was too heavy or awkwardly lifting something. Problems with sciatica can  also present as back pain as well as leg pain. A deep tissue or sports massage can help with back pain.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage Limerick

Sports massage is defined as a collection of massage techniques performed on athletes or active individuals for the purpose of treating a specific injury or aiding recovery following exertion. The three forms of massage most commonly reported in sports medicine literature are petrissageeffleurage and deep transverse friction massage.

Deep transverse friction massage (also known as cross-friction massage) is performed by using the fingers to apply a force moving transversely across the target tissue. Effleurage techniques are performed along the length of the muscle. These techniques are executed throughout a massage routine, with the strokes performed slowly utilizing light or gentle pressure. The petrissage techniques include kneading, wringing, and scooping strokes. These techniques are generally performed with deeper pressure.

Benefits of Getting a Massage

Village Physiotherapy is able to offer you the best treatment needed to get you back on track  following your sports injury. Whether you are experiencing soreness or stiffness, we can help.

We can offer you the most effective treatment, so call now to book your sports massage. The benefits include:

  • Stimulation of the blood supply to help the removal of toxins;
  • Calming of the nervous system to ease pain and discomfort;
  • Release of tight muscles to improve mobility, function and sporting performance
  • Relieve Stress – if you have a hectic day, what better way than to treat yourself to a relaxing massage
Regarding back pain which is a common condition that we have all most likely suffered from at some stage in our lives. Trauma and repetitive movements are a common cause of back pain. Low back pain is complex and can often be caused by many different factors – environmental, mechanical or psychological – sports physiotherapy is very effective in treating pain.

Contact Sports Massage Limerick

Contact sports such as rugby, hurling football can result in trauma to the body as a result of direct physical contact. With a contact sports injury, a different approach is often required than with muscle soreness or stiffness. Rather than relieving tension (though that may be necessary if the injury has been left untreated), the treatment is more about rehabilitating the injured area. For example, in the case of a sprained ligament, the treatment would look at rehabilitating the ankle so as to build strength, work on improving proprioception and gradually introduce functional movements so as to get you pain free.

Endurance Sports Massage Limerick

Endurance sports put a great deal of strain on your muscles due to the extended nature of the activity. Unlike contact sports, which tend to produce more injuries, endurance sport can require more of a “maintenance” style of treatment. 

Sports massages help to keep your muscles from tightening up, making it easier to continue with your sports. Effective massaging of sore muscles can also help prevent injuries from occurring and aid recovery. Village Physiotherapy has years of experience treating endurance sports injuries. If you need expert sports massage treatment, call today to speak to our friendly staff.

Village Physiotherapy

Experienced Sports Massage Therapists

Village Physiotherapy has worked with several sporting organisations, from football to rugby teams. We are qualified and experienced to deal with your sports-related injuries regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a passionate amateur. Contact us today to book an appointment.