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 We treat a wide range of sports-related injuries or complaints, getting you back to your best so you can get back to competing in your sport of choice. Our  Chartered Physiotherapy practice is open to sports people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Village Physiotherapy

Expert in Treating Sports Injuries

Village Sports Physio Limerick are experts in treating sports injuries and will help you recover to get back to your best. We understand the importance of getting you back on your feet. Located in the picturesque village of Adare in County Limerick, Village Physio are here to help. 

We see it as our mission to get you back fully active again without breaking down or experience a relapse of an old injury or physical complaint. From minor sprains to more chronic ongoing injuries, Village Physio has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you overcome all obstacles on your road to recovery to ensure you get back doing what you were previously doing as safely and quickly as possible.

What is a Sports Injury Physio?

A sports physio is a particular branch of physiotherapy that, as the name suggests, deals primarily with sports-related injuries. While these injuries can occur in everyday situations, they are far more common in a sporting context. It may seem perfectly reasonable to assume that the majority of sports injuries happen to professional athletes. However, they are also prevalent in amateur sports to where people are participating mainly for fun or exercise. Professional athletes train hard specifically to prevent injuries from occurring.

In contrast, your typical amateur sports person doesn’t always have the kind of knowledge or support required  that is needed to condition themselves in this way. At Village Physiotherapy Clinic, we understand that partaking in sports is a huge part of people’s lives and when an injury prevents them from being active, it can cause a lot of stress. So when those unfortunate injuries do occur, we can ensure you get back as quickly as possible and, more importantly, safely to ensure you get back to what you enjoy doing and more importantly you stay pain free and active when you resume your activity.

How Can Sports Physio Help?


Advice and education

The reason why you are in pain can be complex. Our Sports Physio experts will help you understand why you are in pain whilst providing you  with a treatment/rehab programme that will  get you back to full function as quickly and safely as possible without sustaining a reoccurrence of that injury.

graded Exposure

Graded exposure

In order to improve your function and strength, you need to expose your body to a variety of movements. Here at Village Physiotherapy Clinic our qualified sports physio therapists will help you understand the types of movement you should practice and how much. Gradually exposing your body to mobility and strengthening exercises will help you to make a full recovery and minimise your risk of re-injury.

Load management

To make a full recovery from an injury there is often a balancing act between doing the right amount, type, intensity, frequency of exercise to help you build strength, endurance  or mobilityOur Sports Physiotherapists will help you manage the physical load you place on your body and also provide you with the tools you need so you can understand how much load is safe. We also provide guidance around how to monitor that load, so that you know what distance/speed is safe to run etc. without risking  an injury or relapse.

What Does Sports Physiotherapy Treat

Sports physiotherapy plays an important part in your recovery from injury, in addition to preventing a recurrence of an injury. Some of the most common problems a sports physiotherapy will deal with are knee and back pain related sports injuries. We also help you recover with sports massage to coincide with your sports physio treatment.

Sports related knee pain often pain often presents in the form of ligament injury, such as an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury. Knee ligament injuries can range from a minor sprain to a complete tear, and require rehabilitation in all but the most severe circumstances, when surgery may be necessary.

Regarding back pain which is a common condition that we have all most likely suffered from at some stage in our lives. Trauma and repetitive movements are a common cause of back pain. Low back pain is complex and can often be caused by many different factors – environmental, mechanical or psychological – sports physiotherapy is very effective in treating pain.

Treating the Cause, Not the Symptom

One of the biggest mistakes that a sports physio can make when treating a sports injury is to address the pain and nothing more. It is essential to find and treat the cause of the pain. Pain relief is a big part of what we do, but it is only one tool. At Village Physio we always look to treat the cause of the pain. In doing so, we can ensure you are not just getting temporary relief, but a long term solution to your problem.

As a result this often entails a graduated rehab programme consisting of strengthening or mobility exercises with the main focus on returning you to you chosen sport as quickly as possible. One area where this is particularly important is in the case of back pain. It is very common for the area in which you feel back pain to be different from the area causing the pain.

Why Village Physio?

We have the knowledge, expertise and most importantly the experience to get you back to your chosen sport pain free and ensure you can perform to the best of your ability. Our treatment is not limited to just sprained ankle ligaments or a hamstring tear. We can also guide you through rehabilitation after surgery, or any other extended layoff that might have resulted in you suffering with pain and becoming less active than you previously were.

We have a wealth of experience in both contact sports, such as football and rugby, as well as endurance sports such as running, cycling or swimming. Of course, sports injuries don’t just happen on a football field. Should your injury occur in any sporting activity such as swimming, running, rowing etc, rest assured that Village Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic has the expertise to look after you. We are located at Station Road, Blackabbey, Adare, Co.Limerick.

Village Physiotherapy

Qualified and Certified Physiotherapy

Niall has experience working with numerous sports, having worked with various sporting organisations such as Munster Rugby, Limerick FC , Old Crescent RFC (senior) rugby team, and Young Munster RFC (senior) rugby team. In addition to being a member of the ISCP, our owner, Niall Hally, holds a Bsc in Physiotherapy from the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland, as well as Masters in Manual Therapy from the University of Western Australia, Perth.

Village Physiotherapy Clinic is not merely interested in treating the symptoms you present with; we want to find the root cause of your problems. We will develop a treatment plan for you to help prevent any future recurrences of your injury. Village Sports Clinic  has years of experience and a drive to make your sports injuries a thing of the past. If you have any questions about your injury or treatment, we’d be more than happy to talk. Just give us a call.